Saturday, 20 April 2013

Momentary thoughts during the April Book Sale

Donations contain mysteries, not all of which can be used. Some must go in the Sale.

If not named in the computer, mysteries have to be checked against the card catalogue.

Duplicates and extras, stored over months in boxes in the cellar, are brought back to the light.

To avoid mistakes, mysteries destined for the Library shelves are clearly signposted.

 The mysteries extend in every direction, for attention after the Sale.

Quiet attention to spinal information causes buyers to bend forward throughout the Sale.

Sometimes it is the mystery that others rejected that becomes the priceless discovery.

Pram canopies can serve as the conveyors of great wonders.

Boxes may be converted into trays for easy display.

Cash is acceptable, also cheque, as here for a set of St Thomas Aquinas.

Mysteries that do not find a new home will be returned to boxes for transport to the next Sale.

Other boxes are marked and taped, ready for collection after the Sale.

Near close of day thoughts turn to another cup of tea and the clean-up.

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