Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Art of Calligraphy

Through the month of August the Carmelite Library and the Carmelite Centre celebrate the arts of handwriting, calligraphy, manuscript illumination and other kinds of graphic lettering. In conjunction with the Calligraphy Society of Victoria there is an Exhibition in the Library showcasing the work of Melbourne’s contemporary calligraphers, together with a selection of pieces created by some of today’s most influential international calligraphers. The Library also presents an Exhibition of books on the history and practice of Calligraphy.
Then on the evening of Tuesday the 13th of August calligrapher Sally Diserio gives a lecture on the Saint John’s Bible. This is the first commissioned, illuminated Bible since the Reformation, completed in 2011. It is the result of the vision of the Benedictine Community at St John’s Abbey in Minnesota. Sally will talk about the traditional materials and methods for making such a work, then study some of the images in depth. The event goes 6-8.30 pm, at a cost of $20. On the same evening three of Sally’s fellow calligraphers volunteer to give a free calligraphic demonstration in the Library, starting at 5 pm. All welcome.

Here listed are the twenty-four works in the August Exhibition.

Works on Loan from the collection of the Calligraphy Society of Victoria:
1.     Dave Wood (Australia)      The Moving Finger
2.     Denis Brown (Ireland)      Otter
3.     Kristoffel Boudens  (Belgium)   Finnegans Wake
4.     Denis Brown (Ireland)      Ignem Veni
5.     Ann Hechle     (England)    Forever Singing
6.     Thomas Ingmire (USA)         Branches
7.     Vernon Cole   (Australia) Amen
8.     Thomas Ingmire (USA)         Versals
9.     Graeme McArthur   (Australia)  Other Planets
10.        Yves Leterme (Belgium)           You Cannot
11.       Janet Mehigan (England)          Colour and Texture
12.        Thomas Ingmire (USA) Souls
Calligraphy Society of Victoria Members Pieces:
13.       Margaret Schmidt                  Heaven
14.       Murray Vagg   On Thought
15.       Gyounghee Lee     Remember Me
16.        Sally Diserio                      First Time- Last Time
17.        Jenene Cuttriss     Solitude
18.        Margaret McIntyre         Luna Park
19.        Sally Diserio                      Blowing in the Wind
20.        Rhonda Walker   Stillness
21.       Margaret Burgess              A New Day
22.        Jenene Cuttriss     Yourself
23.        Patricia Barth       Friends are Angels
24.        Margaret Schmidt                       Overtones

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