Thursday, 10 August 2017

Theological books that would be suitable for a staff reading group

This week on Facebook a relatively well-known Sydney Evangelical theologian put out a request to his 4,998 Friends. “Theological books that would be suitable for a staff reading group? We've done Bernard of Clairvaux, Robert Jenson, John Chrysostom, and the Anglican Homilies thus far.” I’m not naming the Facebook names, but here is the bibliography listing all the responses from the Friends, they being other relatively well-known Australian theologians, as well as several non-Australians. Given the tradition of the Facebooker, some titles are predictable, others though are not. Some entries on the list simply state favourite authors, others give specific titles. If this is what our colleagues endorse amongst themselves and encourage us to read outside study time as favourite discussion material, shouldn’t we have these works in our libraries? How many are in your library? Theologians from other traditions would doubtless have different but no less extensive lists of best reads

Aldrich, Joe, ‘Lifestyle evangelism’
Angelou, Maya, ‘I know why the caged bird sings’
‘Anglican Books of Homilies, The’
Athanasius, Saint, ‘On the Incarnation’
Augustine, Saint, ‘On Christian teaching’
Barber, William
Barth, Karl, ‘Church dogmatics IV, 1’
Barth, Karl, ‘Evangelical theology’
Basil of Caesarea, Saint
Bernard of Clairvaux, Saint
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich, ‘The cost of discipleship’
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich, ‘Life together’
Boyer, Steven & Christopher Hall, ‘The mystery of God’
Bruce, F.F., ‘The letter of Paul to the Romans’
Calvin, Jean, ‘Golden booklet of the true Christian life’
Calvin, Jean, ‘The institutes of the Christian religion’
Chapple, Allan, ‘True devotion’
Coakley, Sarah, ‘God, sexuality, and the self’
Coakley, Sarah, ‘The new asceticism’
Day, Dorothy
Edwards, Jonathan, ‘Sermons’
Ellul, Jacques, ‘Money and power’
Evans, Mari, ‘Continuum’
Ferguson, Sinclair, ‘The whole Christ’
Fox, George, ‘Journal’
Francis, Pope, ‘The joy of the Gospel’
Francis, Pope, ‘Laudato si’
Gonzalez, Justo, ‘The story of Christianity’
Graham, Billy, ‘Where I am’
Gunton, Colin, ‘Act and being’
Gunton, Colin, ‘The one, the three, and the many’
Gunton, Colin, ‘The promise of trinitarian theology’
Hart, David Bentley
Hauerwas, Stanley, ‘A community of character’
Herbert, George
Hooks, Bell, ‘Ain’t I a woman’
Jenson, Robert
Jewel, John, ‘Apology’
John Chrysostom, Saint
Julian of Norwich, Dame
Kandiah, Krish, ‘Paradoxology’
Keller, Tim, ‘The reason for God’
King, Martin Luther
Lane Fox, Robin, ‘Augustine: conversions to confessions’
L’Engle, Madeleine, ‘A wrinkle in time’
Lloyd, Mike, ‘Café theology’
Lubac, Henri de
Luther, Martin
Manton, Thomas
Matthew the Poor, ‘The communion of love’
Moltmann, Jürgen, ‘Theology of hope’
Newman, John Henry
Norris, Kathleen, ‘The cloister walk’
O’Connor, Flannery
O’Donovan, Oliver, ‘Self, world, and time’
Owen, John, ‘Communion with God’
Owen, John, ‘The glory of Christ’
Packer, J.I., ‘Knowing God’
Robinson, Marilynne, ‘Gilead’
Sanders, Fred
Shaw, Ed, ‘Plausibility problem’
Sibbes, Richard, ‘The bruised reed’
Smith, James K. A., ‘You are what you love’
Still, William, ‘Towards spiritual maturity’
Swinton, John, ‘Raging with compassion’
Temple, William
Teresa of Avila, Saint, ‘Interior castle’
Teresa of Avila, Saint, ‘The way of perfection’
Thacker, Justin, ‘Global poverty’
Thomas Aquinas, Saint, ‘Summa theologiae’
Torrance, Thomas
‘Tracts for the times, The’ (1833-1841)
Vanier, Jean, ‘Community and growth’
Volf, Miroslav, ‘The end of memory’
Webster, John, ‘Holiness’
Wesley, Charles
Wesley, John, ’44 sermons’
Woolf, Virginia, ‘A room of one’s own’
Wright, Christopher, ‘The mission of God’
Wright, N.T.

One Friend drew attention to this list of women theologians:

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